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Saturday, December 26, 2020




Hon'ble Saheb Shri, Regards Namaskar, Vande Mataram They are performing obligation in different locale other than their own. The accompanying inquiries with respect to their area movement, for example, and District migration might be made in a similar locale as expressed in the Service Book. To make arrangement for complementary just as one-sided area move in the locale other than the location of the administration book. 

* 100% of the complete opportunities in each region and all opening because of retirement should be filled by area move. So the instructors who have been working external the country for quite a long time get the privilege to their own region. There is a standard that each can apply in one area in turn. So by changing this standard, an equal rank request should be given by applying at the same time in all the regions which have limits to their home area. On the off chance that the educators working external the area are confronting issues of being endlessly from their country and family for quite a long time and can't deal with their older folks appropriately, at that point therefore additionally their locale should be changed. 

Understanding the predicament of educators working ceaselessly from home and family, we mercifully demand you to reexamine the principles with respect to locale move and take important choice to roll out vital improvements. 

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