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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

China breaks Indian troops' restraint: 40 years after border fires, tensions on LAC

 Tensions between India and China have reached an all-time high in eastern Ladakh.  There have been reports of clashes between the two countries' armies during an exercise to repel troops in the Galvan Valley.  The last shot fired on the border between India and China was in 1975.  According to reports, the line has been broken in the Galvan Valley after nearly 40 years.  The Galvan Valley is above the point from which the Chinese army infiltrated.  After several rounds of talks between the two countries, the Chinese army began to retreat from some points.  But tensions at the border are likely to rise after the incident.

India lost two soldiers, including one officer

 According to the army, India has lost one of its officers and two soldiers in the violent conflict.  It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

From the beginning of May, China's moves increased

 In early May, Chinese troops began to take an aggressive stance on the LAC.  The People's Liberation Army (PLA) had infiltrated four places in eastern Ladakh.  A large number of Chinese troops are present near the LAC with artillery and armored vehicles.  Galvan Valley and Pangong Lake are the two main points where the armies of the two countries are facing each other.

Violent scuffles broke out between the soldiers of the two countries

 They were repulsed by Indian troops as Chinese troops tried to infiltrate.  This led to a violent scuffle between the soldiers of the two countries.  According to sources, the Chinese troops were not ready to retreat

China deploys more than 5,000 troops near Pangong Lake, Galwan Valley

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 Let me tell you that since the beginning of May, there has been a tense situation near the Ladakh border between India and China.  Chinese troops crossed the LAC designated by India, and landed near Pangong Lake, Galwan Valley.  Five thousand troops from China were deployed at the site, besides all the military equipment and weapons were also collected.

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