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Monday, June 15, 2020

Petrol-diesel price hike of Rs 2 per liter in the state from midnight today, announces Nitin Patel

AHMEDABAD: Many people are facing financial difficulties after the lockdown imposed by the Corona epidemic for the last three months.  Then the entire country and the people of Gujarat have been hit hard in the lockdown.  Then once again the people of Gujarat will have to bear the brunt of rising petrol and diesel prices.  This is bad news for the people of the state in the midst of Corona's hard times.

The government has lost thousands of crores of rupees due to the shutdown of economic activities in Gujarat due to the lockdown.  Due to which the government has increased the price of petrol-diesel by Rs 2 to increase revenue.  The new price will be implemented from midnight today.  After the hike, petrol will cost Rs 73.96 in Ahmedabad while diesel will cost Rs 72.21.

Petrol and diesel prices have been rising for the last nine consecutive days.  Then today with the simultaneous increase of Rs 2 in the price of petrol-diesel, a huge burden will fall on the pockets of the people of Gujarat.  However, DCM Nitin Patel has told him that petrol-diesel is cheaper in Gujarat than in other states.  At the same time, Nitin Patel said that the government would be frugal in its expenditure.  Government spending will be cut for 1 year.

Sharp reduction in GST revenue: Nitin Patel

 Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said,

 "PM Modi had a lockdown in the country for two months because of Corona.  In which all trades were closed.  GST revenue has also come down drastically.  The government's tax revenue has fallen sharply.  In which tax as well as GST revenue has come down drastically.  Importantly, the main revenue in the state is GST.  Regular GST revenue is Rs 55,560 crore but it has come down due to lockdown. ”

 Big cost in setting up a system related to Corona: Nitin Patel

 Apart from this, they said in a statement that,

 "Despite the decline in revenue, more than five lakh government employees have been paid.  Plans were also continued despite declining revenue.  Salary-allowances and contractor's bills have been paid.  The state government has also incurred huge costs in setting up the Corona system.  Covid hospitals were started in every district.  The state government has borne the cost of all the treatment, including accommodation, for all the patients admitted.  Corona has led to a sharp drop in revenue and higher costs. ”

 The government's amnesty for citizens and traders will reduce revenue: Nitin Patel

 Nitin Patel said,

 "Electricity duty revenue has also come down.  1300 crore is estimated to be reduced.  This time the government has reduced the duty from 20 per cent to 15 per cent and also waived the fixed charge.  Thus the income will go down and the waiver that the government has given to the citizens and traders will go down.  So this year, everything has come to a standstill due to Corona, which is estimated to reduce by Rs 14,500-26,000 crore. ”

 It may be noted here that on June 1, the price of petrol-diesel in Ahmedabad was Rs 67.28.  Which has increased by Rs 3.93 so far.  So the constant rise in prices is having a direct impact on the people across the country.  Petrol-diesel prices have risen for the ninth day in a row.

 Demand for petrol-diesel has also started rising across the country during the unlock announced after the lockdown.  But on the one hand the income of some people is shut down during the lockdown amid the Corona crisis.  At the same time, rising petrol and diesel prices have added to people's woes.  Petrol price has been hiked by 48 paise today and diesel by 59 paise today.

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 Petrol-diesel prices in 6 metros

 Ahmedabad- 73.96
 Jamnagar 73.83
 Junagadh -73.86
 Surat -73.78
 Vadodara- 73.54
 Rajkot- 73.68

 Ahmedabad - 72.21
 Surat 72.04
 Vadodara- 71.79

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