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Monday, June 15, 2020

WhatsApp Payments Launched in this country, sending a photo will be as easy as the transaction

WhatsApp Pay has not yet been officially announced in India.  However, it has been used as testing in India since 2018 and the company is also testing it.  Users in Brazil will now be able to transact on WhatsApp.  Facebook has said that a payment feature is being offered in WhatsApp for Brazilian users.  Although the company has not named it WhatsApp Pay, the company has said that it will be based on Facebook Pay.

Making the process of sending money as easy as sending a photo

 In the near future the company may offer Facebook Penny for transactions in all Facebook apps.  According to the company, Brazil has become the first country to launch a large-scale payment feature in WhatsApp.  Money can be sent to each other only through WhatsApp through the payment feature provided in WhatsApp.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post that ‘from today we are launching WhatsApp Payments for the people of Brazil.  We're making the process of sending money as easy as sending a photo.

 Facebook Pay is being created for WhatsApp payments

 Mark Zuckerberg also said that with the introduction of WhatsApp Payments, small merchants will now be able to make payments directly from WhatsApp.  According to Zuckerberg, Facebook Pay is being created for WhatsApp payments, which will offer the option of secure payment across all Facebook apps.  There have been discussions for a long time about launching a payment feature in WhatsApp in India, but due to lack of clearance, the official app has not been created on WhatsApp yet.  However, Zuckerberg hinted in the post that his area would be expanded soon.

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Big market for India company

 India has the largest number of WhatsApp users and due to this the company is working hard to launch a payment feature in WhatsApp in India.  But there has been no clearance from the government regarding data localization and policy.  When WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart visited India last year, he said the process of seeking government permission was almost complete.  Now it will be interesting to see when the WhatsApp payment feature will be launched in India.  Because India is a big market for the company.

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